Athlete/nutrition bio.

Taylor Clements was born in Santa Barbara, Ca.
At 13 years old, Taylor decided to become a vegan for ethical reasons. Taylor is now 19 years old and finds that his vegan diet works best for him.
Taylor enjoyed doing many activities as a kid. Learning to surf and skateboard at just a few years old, those two sports consumed much of his childhood, although he never felt the urge to compete in either.
Even with his parents influence of becoming a cyclist most of his life, it wasn’t until his second year of high school that Taylor decided to try it out.
Taylor was hooked, and decided to home school to focus on cycling. Within a year, Taylor got on one of the best junior cycling teams in California.
Nowadays, Taylor is racing at a professional level for the Get Crackin’ development team. He rides between 300 and 500 miles a week, all on a vegan diet!
Taylor’s dream is to race professionally in Europe.

What sport do you specialize in?
– Road cycling.

What ingredients do you look for in supplements?
– As a vegan athlete, I am always looking at ingredients, not only to see if something is vegan or not, but also if it will benefit me. A few things I look for in supplements are; amino acids, glucose, protein, and iron. The reason being is that these can all be hard to come by as vegan. To have them all in one supplement makes recovery much easier.

What do you prefer to eat before a workout or race?
– My favorite food to eat before a hard workout or race is oatmeal. It’s easy to make, and you can add plenty of fruit/nuts to it. Before my main meal, I’ll usually have a simple smoothie with Genuine Health vegan proteins+, spinach, almond milk, and frozen berries.

My typical oatmeal bowl consist of, steel cut oats, banana, strawberries, dark chocolate, and raw almond butter. After letting my stomach settle, I’ll have a serving of Genuine Health Activfuel+ right before I leave for my workout/race.

What do you eat right after a workout or race?
– For me it’s not always easy to eat right after a hard effort, so it’s easiest to have a pre made shake ready. My favorite mixture so far is Genuine Health activrecover+(orange flavor) with chocolate coconut water or almond milk, and a banana.
When I’m ready to eat, I’ll have rice with peanut butter and agave, or rice with avocado. These are easy to digest and start the recovery process immediately.

Why do you use Genuine Health?
– I choose Genuine Health for their variety of Vegan products that have all the ingredients I need to stay healthy and fit!

2 thoughts on “Athlete/nutrition bio.

    • It is a combination of many protein sources.
      Pea protein, hemp, potato, brown rice, and alfalfa.
      I highly recommend this product. They also have come out with a pre/during exercise drink that helps tap into your fat storage, as well as a recovery shake. Both work wonders.

      Good luck!

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